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USB to RS232 Conversion Cable

UCAB232 is a USB to RS232 converter based on FT232BL chip by the company FTDI, Glasgow, UK.

UCAB232 consists of a 1 meter translucent cable with and A-type USB connector on one side and the blue enclosure on the opposite side which contains converter electronics and 9-pin D-Sub male connector with all RS232 signals. Full hardware handshake is supported (RTS/CTS, DTR/DSR/DCD, RI) and there is also hardware support of XON/XOFF.

UCAB232 supports Baud rates from 300 Bd to 250 kBaud (guaranteed) / 500 kBaud (typ.).

UCAB232 is powered by USB, no external power supply is necessary. Low power USB Suspend mode is available.

USB 1.1 (2.0 compatible), Full speed mode is supported. Buffer size is 384 byte (Serial to USB) and 128 byte (USB to Serial), respectivelly. User can program his/her own VID/PID and text identification for OEM product to UCAB232's EEPROM.

Drivers are freely available on Internet, supported systems are Windows 98SE/2K/ME/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10/11, Mac OS8/OS9/OS X and Linux release 2.40+.

UCAB232 is RoHS compliant.


Experienced users of similar products know that it is nothing apparent that they really work... Many "no-name" products available for significantly lower prices in all computer shops all over the world suffer by non-stable behavior due to questionnable quality of chips, drivers and manufacturing. Some applications do not accept limited features of many low cost USB to RS232 converters (e.g. implementation of only some of control signals).

UCAB232 is based on integrated circuits and drivers developed in the United Kingdom with professional support and large customer and project base. UCAB232 is designed, manufactured and production tested in Europe.


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