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ASIX s.r.o. - company introduction

ASIX s.r.o. is an electronic design house, established in 1991, located in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic in Central Europe, a member state of the European Union.

We provide:
- Tools for development, production and service
- Complete turnkey electronic design followed by a product manufacturing
- Modular system for monitoring and automation in buildings and estates (soon to be released)

We entered the development tools industry in middle 1990s and since then we produced various programmers, emulators, logic analyzers, development boards and communication modules. We were one of the first companies introducing the In-System or In-Circuit Serial Programming and pioneered using the dynamic RAMs in logic analyzers in affordable price category.

Our products are designed, manufactured and supported in the Czech Republic. They conform to relevant regulations like CE, RoHS2 and REACH. All products are carefully tested before shipment to distributor or end customer to ensure best possible quality and reliability. Our products are made in good will to serve as best as possible. They are not intentionally "crippled" to offer only limited features. We try to get as much features as the construction allows. We plan our production to ensure that under normal conditions is any product available in stock for immediate shipment.

Application areas of our development tools are typically these:
- Electronic development and design
- Production (production lines, testing equipment)
- Service (programming, testing, communication)

We provide quick, communicative and effective technical support. Comprehensive documentation and up-to date software is available on our website. Our products are made by developers for developers. Our engineers use them everyday while working on custom projects, facing the same problems as our customers. Moreover, our customers provide us with valuable feedback that helps us to constantly enhance our products.


1. Programmers

PRESTO - first generation ISP programmer (2004), Full-Speed USB controlled and powered.
FORTE - advanced ISP programmer (2012), High-Speed USB controlled and powered, FPGAbased.


- Universal programming software UP for most devices - free updates, fast and intuitive environment, advanced external control for programming automation (e.g. in production lines), user-definable serializing, multiple instances can run simultaneously on a single computer.
- JTAG SVF Player for SVF file based programming via JTAG inteface, especially dedicated for FPGAs and CPLDs.
- PRESTO.DLL and FORTE.DLL libraries - for total user control over the programmers (for specialty algorithms, new device development, advanced research and development, testing, ...)

Supported manufacturers:

Microchip & Atmel, Texas Instruments, STM, Renesas, Silicon Labs, NXP, Cypress & Spansion, Maxim Integrated, ON Semiconductor, Xilinx, Lattice, Microsemi/Actel, Intel/Altera, Micron, Adesto, ROHM, Everspin, ISSI, Macronix, Winbond, etc.

2. Logic analyzers

SIGMA2 - first generation logic analyzer (2007, redesigned 2011), Full-Speed USB controlled and powered, large event memory (256 megabit), real-time hardware data compression, up to 200 MHz sample speed, up to 16 inputs.
OMEGA - advanced logic analyzer (2012), High-Speed USB controlled and powered, extremely large event memory (512 megabit), sophisticated, real-time hardware data compression, up to 400 MHz sample speed, up to 16 inputs - futher expandable by linking more analyzers together using synchronization header. OMEGA offers also the advanced Real-Time mode with continuous recording where its large memory and data compression is used for buffering large amounts of fast data events.


SIGMA & OMEGA application package contains the main program - Logic Analyzer software and various utilities like, Frequency Measuring, Insider for debugging of serial streams, STFMerge, Configuration Utility, Pulse Counter and toolsuite for external control and connecting to user's advanced analyzing software solutions (omegacli.exe, omegartmcli.exe, stf2bin.exe, bin2stf.exe, binconvert.exe).

3. Communication interfaces

UCAB232 and UCAB232i are USB to RS-232 converters with full signal support, the 'i' version offers galvanic isolation. Thanks to their quality, stability of the USB connection and supplied drivers and long term availability these converters are popular among users in automotive and scientific industries.

4. Automation and monitoring - to be released soon

A family of products for automation and monitoring, especially dedicated for buildings and estates - mini computers, more communication interfaces, sensors & actuators, video & audio modules, power management devices, etc.


Intel, Honeywell, Halliburton, Siemens, ABB, Schneider Electric, Hager, Flextronics, Otis, Rohde-Schwarz, Robert Bosch, Mercedes-Benz, Skoda Auto (VW Group), MAGNA, JVC Kenwood, Continental, Saab, MAN, Rockwell, Gorenje, ARISTON, Murr, Microsemi, Vitesse, Jabil, Jablotron, Fraunhofer-Institut, Technische Universit√§t M√ľnchen, Charles University in Prague, Czech Technical University, Swedish Armed Forces - and many other companies, universities and organizations.

For more information do not hesitate to contact us!

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